Things You Need To Know About Biotin For Hair Growth

The 21st century is not at all what we imagined it to be. There are no flying cars, no cure for cancer, traveling is harder than ever! What was predicted to be a future where people will become lethargic because of how advanced technology would get, with no stress, no exertion, ended up being quite the opposite! Stress and depression have become so common today that it’s a norm these days.

You tell people you have depression and they nod sadly and say, “Same.” Mind you, this is no one’s fault, the busy lifestyle, the never-ending rat race, everything is responsible for it. In the end, what suffers the most due to this, is our hair. No, your hair is not falling out because of some underlying disease, it is doing so because instead of giving it the nutrients to flourish you are giving it stress.

Dealing with depression can be very hard, and you need to start small. Take a walk, meditate a little. And most importantly, appreciate yourself a bit more. We at Healthyments look at each one of you and work hard every day so you can keep slaying and keep being healthy and beautiful. Appreciate yourself as much as we appreciate you. That aside! Let’s get to the point.

Biotin For Hair Growth

What is Biotin?

Biotin or Vitamin B7 is a nutrient that is responsible for hail and nail health. Hair thinning, premature baldness, brittle nails, are all symptoms of Biotin deficiency. The thing with Biotin is, though being extremely important, our body does not naturally produce it.

It has to be taken externally. Now of course there are ways to consume natural biotin, but keeping a tab on the right amount can be very time consuming unless you are ready to dedicate a few hours of your life to building a meal plan. Healthyments Hair gummies contain Biotin along with zinc and other nutrients that aid in hair growth and are responsible for naturally healthy hair.

Why is Biotin Important?

In the simplest terms, Biotin increases the production of Keratin in your body, which is basically the building block of your hair and nails. According to a study in 2015 where a group of women was made to take Biotin supplements for 90 days, it was discovered that by the end of the study, these women had new hair follicles in places they had lost hair as compared to the women who were not given the supplement.

There was also an increase in the quality of hair in these women! Apart from hair health, Biotin is also responsible for the conversion of certain nutrients to energy. Pregnant and Breastfeeding women are often at risk of Biotin deficiency, but they should ALWAYS consult a doctor before taking a supplement of any kind.

Are there any side-effects of Biotin?

Biotin is a water-soluble nutrient, which means it exits your body, through urine in its entirety once its job is done. There are no known side effects to Biotin, it is very safe and the body naturally passes out any excess amount of it, but like we always tell you, too much of anything, even the good things, can be harmful.

Just follow the recommended dosage of two gummies a day of Healthyments hair gummies and you are good to go!
Be Patient: The thing with dietary supplements is that you cannot take them one night and expect to have amazing results the next day. If things worked like that, we would be living in a completely different world.

If a product is claiming to work overnight, then mark my words, you need to be wary of that product.
Healthyments hair gummies are very upfront with their results. You will surely see results, but you need to consistent with it, and we cannot stress that enough. Even natural biotin takes time to show effects, do not be impatient, it will not make the results come any faster.

All it does is add to your stress and make your Hairfall worse. And when you’re expecting results, please be realistic, keeping unrealistic standards for yourself will only get you disappointed when the results come when they don’t match your expectations, even if they are good. So, give yourself two gummies every day, don’t think too much, and just wait patiently for what is to come.

Natural forms of Biotin-

Once you enter the world of Healthyments, you are important to us, so if you want to try out natural forms of biotin first, before indulging in our gummies, we support you!
Now, bear in mind that the Biotin content of foods can vary, that is certain plant variety and season can affect the Biotin content in grains.
Here are a few foods that you can take for natural Biotin:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Seeds, (like Sunflower seeds)
  • Nuts (like almonds)
  • Certain vegetables (such as sweet potatoes)

Processing often decreases the Biotin content in foods, so keep too in mind before you plan out your meals.

Conclusion: –

We can safely conclude that Biotin is to your hair what sunlight is to plants. Without it, your hair will grow weak and fall.
Healthyments always keep customer safety first, which is why our product is the safest and the most effective one in the market.
Take two hair gummies a day and get that luscious lock of hair that you always dreamt of!

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