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  • Vitamin A : Just like your face, your scalp needs moisture and Vitamin A helps maintaining that moisture. Dry scalp can lead to itchiness and eventually hair fall. It also helps keeping the circulation in your scalp intact promoting healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin C : It aids in the production of collagen which is important for hair growth while also helping the scalp absorb Iron, that makes your hair strong.
  • Vitamin D : Helps in the creation of new hair follicles, hence increasing the thickness.
  • Vitamin E : It is essential that we look at hair problems from the root, i.e. your scalp. Vitamin E makes sure your scalp stays healthy by reducing oxidative stress and maintaining the lipid layer.
  • Vitamin B : Help creating red blood cells which carry oxygen and nutrients to the scalp.
  • Zinc : Hair tissue and repair. It also keeps the oil glands on your scalp working properly.
  • Gluten Free, Gelatin free, Soy free, Vegan friendly and Made in India.
  • All packed in one delicious gummy.

Description :

Imagine your perfect world.
This world changes from person to person, but the one thing that they have in common is that no matter where you picture yourself, you see thick lustrous hair flowing in the wind.
Healthy hair is in the checklist of every person out there, regardless of their gender.
But getting that healthy lock of hair is harder than it used to be years ago, thanks to increased pollution, stress and an uneven diet.
All of us have gone through the stage of trying to find the best shampoos, and hair-oils that best suit our hair. Every now and then, we look up home-remedies for naturally healthy hair.
But, every time, we give up in about a week,
“It’s such a hassle to apply egg on my hair every other day…”
What if we tell you, all you need to do is take two seconds out of your life and we will give you the hair that you dream of.

Introducing Healthyments™ Hair Gummies, formulated with 13 essential hair-friendly vitamins and minerals like Biotin, Zinc to name a few.

equivalents (1 gummy) :

  • Biotin (10 mg): 1000x more biotin than a whole egg.
  • Vitamin A (1.2 mg): 2.5 cups of carrots.
  • Vitamin C (80 mg): 1 orange.
  • Vitamin D (800iu): 1.5 tsp of cod liver oil.
  • Vitamin E (14.8 mg): 2 ounces of almonds.
  • Zinc (2 mg): 10x zinc than in one cup of spinach.

Why Healthyments™ Hair Vitamins Gummies?

Your thick, beautiful hair is waiting on the other end, and Healthyments hair gummies will take you there.

Biotin †

Also known as Vitamin H, it prevents hair thinning. It helps you in getting thick and healthy hair while also preventing premature greying.

Supports healthy scalp †

Biotin is very important for hair, join hands in keeping your scalp healthy and promoting healthy hair growth. All these nutrients together with folic acids decrease hair fall and maintain the overall health of your hair.

No Frizz †

Frizz is an age-old enemy of hair, it’s about time we leave her behind. Vitamin E has been called the cure-all for frizzy hair. It combines with antioxidants and repairs your hair to make it look healthier than ever!

Hair Volume and Shine †

Biotin smooths down the layer of cells in your scalp that absorb nutrients, resulting in visibly glossier and fuller hair. Vitamins A & E aid in cell growth reducing thinning of hair, and making them bouncy.

Pro Tip

hair vitamin gummies mockups

Healthyments™ hair vitamins gummies are carefully made under GMP standards and FSSAI license. They’re non-GMO, cruelty free and Vegan friendly.


Are there any side effects of hair vitamin gummies?

There are no side effects at all. Healthyments gummy is certified by FSSAI 

I have Hairfall, when can I expect results?

Complete and visible results will be shown in 2-3 months. You will start noticing the visible changes in your hair by the end of the first month. Also, it depends on person to person. Some people see drastic changes in the first month only.

Is there a limit to how many hair gummies I can have in a day?

While our gummies are yummy, we recommend you stick to having no more than one or two gummy a day.

There is some red liquid inside gummy pillow pack; Are these safe to consume?

Due to heat, gummy might slightly melt; The liquid does not impact the product's efficacy, quality, shelf life, or taste.

Disclaimer : †Statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the FSSAI and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or health condition. HEALTHYMENTS™ is a registered trademark of Uggapi Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. The views and nutritional advice expressed by HEALTHYMENTS™ are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition, see your physician of choice. Individual results may vary.

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