Food for Hairfall: The perfect guide to know what your hair needs from your routine.

Food for Hair fall: Hair loss is a touchy subject for many, men and women alike. All of us dream about the perfect lock hair, thick and lustrous, but just dreaming will not get us anywhere. Old age is not the only reason for hair loss or hair thinning today, pollution, stress, unhealthy eating habits, all contribute to it. People of all ages go through it, and for teenagers or young adults, losing hair can be pretty traumatizing.

We have put together a perfect guide for you to follow, that is essential and will help you achieve your hair goals, so you don’t’ have to spend hours on the internet searching for causes for hair loss. A healthy mind equals healthy hair. It is no surprise that stress and depression is the leading cause of Hairfall, and right now, in this era, depression has become very common. So the first step towards a healthy life should always be your mind.

Your emotional health comes first, set that in line and everything else will fall in place. Meditation, yoga, or even a simple walk can do wonders for your mental health, and if you are too busy then you always have our Healthyments sleep gummies, take two before you sleep and let them work on pushing that stress and anxiety away. Do that and we promise you, that is the answer on how to get healthy hair at home.

Food for Hair fall

How important is your diet?

You might already be aware of the importance of Zinc in maintaining a healthy body.
But did you know, they are equally important nutrients when it comes to your hair?
Zinc keeps the oil glands in your hair working properly and is always hard at work for the growth and repair of your hair tissues.
However, it is quite difficult to figure out the right amounts of zinc to intake, as it can often prove to be dangerous, which is where Healthyments hair gummies come in. With the right amount of zinc in each gummy and the correct dosage, you never have to worry about planning out a systematic diet to intake it.
Biotin: The elixir for your hair!
Also known as Vitamin H, it is quite literally, food for fast hair growth. Not only that, the deficiency of Biotin can cause Hairfall. The funny thing however is, that Biotin is not naturally produced by your body. It has to be taken externally, and often through supplements.
And always be careful of what you are outing in your body, use a brand you can trust, a clear brand, and upfront about the ingredients they use. And also make sure they’re cruel free, you don’t want to harm innocent animals on the lookout for healthy hair, do you? Are sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
Yes, we are talking about Healthyments hair gummies. Our gummies contain Biotin along with various other B vitamins that aid your hair growth.

Why is hair loss a serious problem?

Just as anxiety and depression can cause hair loss, it goes the other way too!
Today we are all so involved in the physical world, to most of us, looks mean a lot. It doesn’t you are conceited, it’s the norm of society. We were brought up to look in the mirror and find the rights and wrongs. And when it comes to hair, we are all very sensitive.

There was a time when only women cared about their hair, it’s very different now. Premature hair loss can render a man helpless. It can lead to depression and loss of confidence.

And more often than not, men take it more seriously than women. Having said that, hair loss in men is not uncommon. It is happening among really young males today. Losing your hair in your 20s is not something you look forward to!

How do we tackle this?

Healthyments hair gummies ensure that your hair is getting everything that it would ever need. Mark our words, if your hair could talk, it would thank you for bringing our gummies into their lives.

Additional things to avoid hair loss:

Our gummies help a lot, but apart from that, there are several things that you can do for yourself to keep yourself forever young. Minding your diet is one, here are a few foods to avoid for Hairfall: –

  • Foods rich in processed sugar: High sugar increases the number of androgens produced in your body, which can result in the shrinking of hair follicles and is one of the main causes of early baldness.
  • Certain kinds of fish: Although fishes carry Omega-3, which is very good for hair growth, some fish, like Swordfish contain mercury that is harmful not just for your hair, but to your health as well.
  • Fast food: I mean, is there any benefit to fast food ever? Don’t worry, we are not judging anyone, we ourselves like to indulge in some comfort food now and then, but overconsumption of anything and everything is harmful. Those burgers and fries that are oh so delicious are clogging your pores, affecting not just your hair but your skin as well. Add breakouts to hair fall, yea that will not be a pretty picture.
  • Diet Soda: This one is in conjuncture with our first point, but we are pointing it out because you must listen to us. High levels of sugar and acid are the main causes of Hairfall.

Conclusion: –

Wrapping this up, we can say that Healthyments hair gummies are the best friends that your hair needs and stress & anxiety paired with sugary food is the bad group of friends that will make your hair go bad.

Containing all the important vitamins and minerals that your hair would need, our gummies are the best. Only two gummies a day and you will find yourself unable to stop taking good hair day selfies!

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