If you feel yourself in a state of fitness and healthy it doesn’t mean you are in the state of Optimal well being. A state of optimal Optimal wellbeing means that established health risks and your current lifestyle are tailored to make the personal decisions necessary to live your life as well as possible.

Choosing the right dietary, and lifestyle is not sufficient for whole-body fitness. The majority of supplements are missed in our day to day eating habits. So, to fulfil the need of our body, we have to choose supplementation items to help your healthy life. This is the main root of the HEALTHYMENTS™ brand:- Nutrition and the promotion of optimum wellbeing.

At, HEALTHYMENTS™ We aim to provide the best Health across the Country. Our commitment to your good health, backed by decades of scientific testing and high-quality ingredients, lies at the heart of every product we produce. HEALTHYMENTS™ pride themselves in providing a range of Healthy supplements that is wholly made in INDIA. We create thoughtfully crafted products at HEALTHYMENTS™ to meet your healthy lifestyle needs at every level. At HEALTHYMENTS™, we are dedicated to providing the world’s best, most efficient health-critical nutrients. It motivates us to ensure that all of our products are backed by science, expertly formulated, rigorously checked, proven successful, and, best of all, excellent tasting.

The only way to rise is by lifting others:

In Sanskrit, dāna is the practice of giving, closely tied to the virtue of generosity. We believe that giving back is an important aspect. That’s why HEALTHYMENTS™ is proud to support the work of its partner NGO’s who provide good nutrition to the families of underprivileged society.

Every purchase you make, we make sure that a part of it is contributed towards this noble cause.

Made In India, Feel Proud

HEALTHYMENTS™ is focused on delivering scientifically formulated, premium products. Our products are proudly Made in India using locally sourced and quality-tested ingredients. With GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Certification, our products are manufactured in an environment that complies with the ISO guidelines and are FSSAI approved.

HEALTHYMENTS™ Gummies are 100% Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-GMO and are completely free of Gluten, Gelatin and Soy. We aspire to become the nation’s brand of choice in providing comprehensive health remedies promoting optimum well-being.

The only way to rise is by lifting others:

It’s super fun and exciting to live healthily. From choosing colourful fruits and vegetables and practising yoga to having a decent night’s sleep and scheduling some me-time, we think it’s not what life offers you; it’s what you do with it. We never look at it as a burden or a chore. Sure, it can be complicated at times, but we’re here to make it quick and straightforward.

If you care too much about what is going on in your body, we think it should be of the highest quality. We’re taking the extra step to make sure our vitamins and supplements know that you get the good stuff.
We make educated choices when it comes to what’s next. In clean sport, fair play, fairness, and accountability, we believe. We uphold the highest moral, ethical, and quality standards for our brand, our products, and ourselves. We have been committed to health.

Helping you attain balanced fitness and wellbeing.

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